about me

Hello! My name is Dragos Dobrean, I’m a 20 21 22 23 24 25 years old computer science student graduate student from Romania. I like good music, sports, outdoors, art, to travel and last but not least programming. I also love popcorn, mind bending movies, Norway and apples (with and without keyboards). I understand C#, German and Python. I am fluent in Swift, Objective C, Ruby (on Rails), C, C++  ,English, Java, SQL/TSQL, UML, design patterns and OOP. I’m currently exercising my Java (spring and hibernate as well) at Catalysts (Linz, AT), and my Objective C and Ruby on Rails skills on private projects. I’m currently exercising my Objective-C, Swift, and iOS skills at Telenav (Cluj, RO) Appsrise (Cluj, RO)  appssemble (Cluj, RO) as well as my C++ skills on private projects.

Edit 2016: Also, in addition to last year, when I updated this, i started and outsourcing business where we are offering development and consultancy services on all Mobile platforms. Long story short, if you need someone to build your app, or do you want advices, you can contact us on appssemble.

Edit 2017: Since last year I’ve become a PhD student and I’m focusing all my efforts on appssemble.

Edit 2018: I’ve become a biker (meaning I can legally drive a motorcycle).

I can:

  • git
  • scrum
  • swim
  • drive
  • luge
  • ride a bicycle
  • use Windows, OSX and Linux
  • program stuff on different things
  • drive a motorcycle

If you want to see my projects, you should check the Projects area of this site. If you want to know more about me, you can check out this links:

If you want to contact me then you can find me on Skype or mail me at dobreandl[at]gmail[dot]com.